Trailers | Deadly Class (SPACE), F is For Family Season 3

Comic Book Showosky isn’t as important to Gloryosky as it once was. That doesn’t mean series based on comic books aren’t still greenlit (see: DC Universe; half of The CW’s output). Deadly Class, the action-thriller series based on Rick Remender and Wesley Craig’s Image title, debuts January 16, 2019 on SPACE in Canada and Syfy in the US.

Deadly Class is set in the 1980s, so Killing Joke’s “Eighties” appears in one trailer. The trailer presentations share a mix of the familiar (teen angst) and interesting (Benedict Wong). Given the trailers, Gloryosky fears the show could skirt towards cliché. On the other hand, Happy! had hitmen and imaginary friends, and that worked well enough to earn a second season.

Obviously Syfy has this front and center in its winter 2019 plans. So does SPACE, if its not-so-secret prize at Fan Expo 2018 is any indication. The “school for assassins” premise has potential for fun, and Deadly Class doesn’t rip off another assassination classroom. Syfy has a decent track record with comic book adaptations, so hopefully Deadly Class kills effectively.

F is For Family’s third season streams on Netflix November 30, 2018. Bill Burr and Michael Price created the show, which debuted December 18, 2015 on Netflix. The trailer itself contains a lot of swearing. Though this isn’t a problem for adult animation fans, don’t have this on for the kids.

I personally haven’t seen F is For Family as I’m a recent subscriber to Netflix, so the trailer sells me on the premise. F is For Family aims more directly than other Angry Dad sitcoms. Granted, me not watching the series before typing that invites comparisons to when I admitted I barely watched Trailer Park Boys before reviewing “Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys”. With a decade of hindsight and overall career disappointment – and given Burr’s style of stand-up – I get where this trailer’s coming from.

C. Archer
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