Trailers | Marvel’s Runaways S2 (Showcase), Young Justice: Outsiders

Marvel’s Runaways’ second season premieres January 2, 2019 on Showcase in Canada, and December 21, 2018 on Hulu in the US. Showcase advertises a two-hour season premiere for Marvel’s Runaways, while Hulu premieres the entire second season. Marvel’s Runaways is one of Showcase’s top hits, so Gloryosky doubts Showcase loses interest in Marvel’s Runaways if its second season performs well there.

Showcase’s premiering Marvel’s Runaways almost two weeks after Hulu’s premiere could hurt it. Marvel’s Runaways’ first season had a one-day lag between Canadian and US premieres. On the other hand, Showcase has a skein of comic book-related shows with this, Supergirl and Happy! It’s the standard rights tradeoff, yet at least Showcase promotes Marvel’s Runaways half-decently.

Young Justice: Outsiders, the third season of Young Justice, premieres January 4, 2019 on DC Universe. Young Justice’s first two seasons aired on Cartoon Network from 2010-13. Anyone familiar with Cartoon Network’s treatment of the show understands – and hates – the four years for two seasons. Thanks, DC Nation!

This is one of the series that interests Gloryosky in DC Universe. While the streaming service isn’t Canada-bound – yet – Teletoon and Cartoon Network Canada aired Young Justice’s first two seasons.

DC Universe has a few live-action and animated series on tap for 2019, yet Young Justice: Outsiders is one of DC Universe’s greatest selling points. I’m personally not in the age group for Young Justice. Despite this, Young Justice is a well-crafted series, with an audience clamoring for its return. Greg Weisman-produced shows ending before their time is standard operating procedure, so it’s nice to see this one earn its second chance.

It’s too bad DC Universe doesn’t yet have a Canadian equivalent. Presumably, Young Justice goes to Netflix Canada in a manner similar to Titans. DC Universe is a streaming service Gloryosky wants to see in Canada soon. Hopefully it does, as DC Entertainment’s chief strength is in its television series. Young Justice: Outsiders better be worth its long-brewing hype.

C. Archer
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