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...getting people to support a fanzine is like trying to jerk off with no hands.


You may have noticed a change in the way this site looks, and the new, more personal direction I am taking the site in.  Well, that's because on April 19, I stopped writing The Unbulova Ripoff, due partly to lack of readership and partly to the fact that I hadn't enjoyed doing the webzine for two years.  For the last two years, getting people to pay attention to the webzine had been a major hassle, as it seemed most people didn't want to support The UR when it was around.  Bad luck seemed to follow the webzine (and me) wherever it went.  My hard drive crashed three times in two years.  I developed fatty liver, and might be suffering from some sort of a depression as I write this.  More than half the stuff I was supposed to review for The UR never (and in some cases, still hasn't) materialized.  More than half the e-mails I sent to bands, labels and 'zines (for various reasons) never got answered.  Finally, I almost fell apart during the spring of 2001 and never finished my first year of university until December.  The major reason, though, why I stopped doing the 'zine was the fact that no one really cared about it in the first place.  There's only so much effort and work and planning you can put into a webzine before you realize that it's pointless trying to resuscitate a corpse, so I'm not going to do The Unbulova Ripoff anymore.  It's been a pain in my ass for two years now, and I'm glad the leech is dead.
The purpose of this new site, the one you're reading now under the Unbelievably Retarded title, is to expand on what I was doing with The Unbulova Ripoff and bring it to the next level (I should quit relying on overused clichés while I'm at it).  Think of this site as a cross between a metal 'zine, The Unbulova Ripoff...ah, hell, think of it as Metal Rantcore.  Sometimes I will do interviews.  A lot of them will be with metal bands, but a few will be with other people that interest me.  I will include reviews in some updates, because it's one of the few things I enjoyed when doing The Unbulova Ripoff (and it allows me to still call this thing a 'zine when it really isn't).  Finally, if I feel like doing some goofy shit, I'll just do some goofy shit.  The purpose of this sort of layout is threefold.  One, it allows me to be a lot more flexible with regards to whatever I want to talk about than The Unbulova Ripoff ever was.  Two, it allows me to update this site in a much shorter time period than four months.  Three, I really hated doing a straight metal webzine.  To bring this first update of Unbelievably Retarded to a close, if anyone still wants to submit an album, 'zine, film, or anything else to Unbelievably Retarded, write to
K0K 3E0
My e-mail address is sweetposer@sweetposer.tk.
Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Unbelievably Retarded.  Second update forthcoming...

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