Trailers | Letterkenny Season 6, Travelers Season 3

Letterkenny’s sixth six-episode season premieres in Canada December 25, 2018 on Crave. Letterkenny’s Christmas special, “The Three Wise Men”, previously premiered November 23, 2018 on Crave. Hulu has streaming rights to Letterkenny in the US. While this is the first official trailer for Letterkenny’s sixth season, the season’s debut date was announced November 16, 2018 in tandem with the Christmas special’s announcement.

As of the time of initial posting, Hulu currently has Letterkenny’s first two seasons. Letterkenny’s first five seasons are available on iTunes and Google Play.

Crave greenlights its share of original content, yet nothing hits harder than Letterkenny. While Gloryosky wants to see Crave expand further into original content, there’s a consistent timing to Letterkenny’s seasons. The “six-pack” strategy works, and it’s a model more Canadian shows should utilize.

As for Letterkenny’s US fans, Hulu only debuted the series July 2018. The show has a while to go through its current production order, so Gloryosky figures Hulu releases the remaining seasons not too far behind the first two. There’s obviously a demand for Letterkenny overseas, and the show’s hardly at peak saturation in 2018.

The third season of time-travel drama Travelers premieres worldwide on Netflix December 14, 2018. Initially an international co-production between Showcase and Netflix, Travelers debuted on the two services in 2016. Travelers’ first two seasons are available on iTunes and Google Play.

Like Letterkenny, Travelers has its fans in both Canada and the US. It struggles more than Letterkenny to find US critical respect – see: this early positive review of Travelers’ third season that still calls it “anti-prestige”. The third season is also Travelers’ first without the support of Showcase.

Eric McCormack is Travelers’ star, yet time travel and its ramifications have always been the show’s core and major selling point. Given Brad Wright’s Stargate pedigree, he knows the science fiction television game. Travelers isn’t a pre-existing property like Stargate, yet it was Sci Fi where Stargate became an enduring multi-show franchise after five seasons of Stargate SG-1 on Showtime. Show-threatening problems are par for the course for Wright, along with saving the fucking world.

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