Trailers | Street Legal (revival), TOKU November 2018 premieres

Street Legal first aired on CBC from 1987-94. To its credit, the revival – which has Cynthia Dale reprise her role as Olivia Novak – acknowledges the quarter-century passage of time since the original series. Bruce M. Smith previously showran the English version of 19-2, and the Street Legal revival is sold by him as a next-generation version of the show.

This has the potential to blow up in Smith’s face if the revival is bad, though the revival maintains nominal continuity through guest appearances from original characters Leon Robinovitch (Eric Peterson) and Dillon Beck (Anthony Sherwood). Street Legal can’t rely too much on nostalgia if it wants to be for Canadian legal drama what Degrassi is for teen drama. At least the showrunner’s solid and CBC doesn’t normally play the nostalgia card, so the revival should be interesting. Street Legal premieres March 4, 2019 at 9:00 PM ET/PT (9:30 PM NT).

As a subscription video-on-demand service, Olympusat’s TOKU is available in Canada, and has been since May 2018. The former Funimation Channel has recently focused more on Asian live-action titles, particularly the Ultra Series. Titles new to TOKU in November 2018 include 2007 Japanese horror film Hair Extensions (November 17, 2018: 10:00 PM ET on linear channel), and 2014 Chinese series Young Sherlock (premieres November 8, 2018: 8:00 PM ET on linear channel).

The 1974-75 series Ultraman Leo streams on TOKU’s SVOD service starting November 9, 2018, after premiering last year on the linear channel. Tsuburaya Productions content (see: Ultraman, Mirrorman, Gridman) is a large part of TOKU’s current branding strategy, as much of the Ultra Series was previously on Crunchyroll. Hopefully TOKU explores more of the Tsuburaya content in 2019 and beyond. Mighty Jack and Star Wolf are two titles to look into for the future…just not with a forklift.

C. Archer
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