Trailers | Unspeakable, Burden of Truth

CBC’s winter 2019 schedule has one of its more interesting drama lineups of recent years – among other things, a Street Legal revival, Floyd Kane legal drama Diggstown, limited series Unspeakable, and Coroner, the television adaptation of M.R. Hall’s Jenny Cooper series. While Gloryosky won’t pass judgment on the shows until after they air, CBC largely sticks to legal and coroner dramas for winter 2019. With six-to-ten-episode seasons, at least the overall subject matter’s not that much of a crutch.

Unspeakable airs on SundanceTV in the US, and on CBC Television in Canada. Debuting in Canada January 9, 2019 at 9:00 PM ET/PT (9:30 NT), Unspeakable has the potential to be one of this decade’s most important Canadian television series, as it focuses on the Canadian Red Cross’ tainted blood scandal. Given the AMC Networks involvement, Gloryosky hopes Unspeakable meets the high standard its premise demands. With Robert C. Cooper’s pedigree – the Stargate television franchise, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective AgencyUnspeakable can’t afford to be mediocre. The subject matter is too well-known and Cooper, having contracted Hepatitis C through tainted blood, has too personal a connection to it.

Burden of Truth’s second season premieres January 9, 2019 at 8:00 PM ET/PT (8:30 NT). Given that The CW aired the first season for the US market and currently pencils in a second season for summer 2019, Burden of Truth sets the direction for much of CBC Television’s winter 2019 dramatic lineup. The second season sees Burden of Truth divide its attention between Millwood, Manitoba’s declining fortunes and Joanna Hanley’s (Kristin Kreuk) nascent establishment at a Winnipeg law firm.

Kreuk’s established enough at The CW that Burden of Truth could feasibly survive for as long as both CBC and The CW is satisfied with the show’s ratings. That’s good for the show’s stability. A couple of subjects tackled this season – activism, hacking – are subjects that Burden of Truth needs to make sure it researches carefully. Hopefully, Burden of Truth stays above “hacker known as 4chan” territory. At least the Kreuk fans are satisfied with Burden of Truth’s quality, and it’s always good to see The CW’s Berlanti output kept to a reasonable enough level.

C. Archer
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