Site News | Gloryosky Mission Statement, 2018-19

Yes, it’s another “state of the site” article. It’s also the second Gloryosky website post in 2018, and it’s one hundred percent my fault for allowing that to happen.

Gloryosky’s strength has been in social media since 2017. Promoting YouTube videos and occasional media releases through Twitter has given Gloryosky its first increase in professional standing in about half a decade, yet a move to a newly-built house took up a large amount of free time in 2017 and 2018. This doesn’t excuse the lack of updates on the website. Nothing does. The reasoning for Gloryosky’s social media focus in 2017-18 is that I feel it’s the most direct way to execute what is, in my opinion, a transient need.

The reason I still keep the Gloryosky name alive is simple: I still feel there’s a need for promotion of the Canadian television business. No one would continue to promote it – without expecting financial compensation in return – if that person didn’t love it. It would be naïve and/or ignorant to claim the end goal isn’t to make money from the venture, yet it’s not the major thing that drives me. If it was, I would have stopped covering the Canadian television industry years ago.

I’ve contributed to Canadian Screenwriter since 2011. In the eight years I’ve written for the magazine, I’ve written one article and twelve W-Files. The contributions allowed me to become a member of CMG Freelance, and I thank CMG Freelance president Don Genova for allowing me that membership. As for this site specifically, I’ve killed it. I’ve refocused my efforts in recent years toward social media, yet that strategy has its strengths and drawbacks.

I’m not sure what my long-term plans are with Gloryosky. Whether I shut it down for good depends on whether I still feel there’s a need for Gloryosky. There likely isn’t, and I have to be prepared to finally accept this. The brand plans to focus more on streaming services in 2018 and beyond, as they are now a norm for long-form visual entertainment delivery, and the Canadian market isn’t as mature as the American market. As much as linear television still has its place, it’s become less important to the overall entertainment spectrum. Ignoring that is foolish. Trumpeting linear’s dominance as an advertising delivery system is desperate, especially with players like Apple just entering the market.

What’s more important to me in 2018 and beyond is my mental health. If I feel it’s deteriorated enough that maintaining Gloryosky is no longer feasible, I will make sure to wrap things up before I plan a complete shutdown. My mental health trumps everything at this point. Sometimes, one needs to assess where (s)he’s going as a person and pay attention to the things that truly matter. At this point, worrying about Gloryosky’s professional standing is less important than making sure I enjoy what I do. If I don’t, it’s right there on screen, and that doesn’t help anyone.

I apologize for having this mission statement say five-hundred-plus words of nothing, but at this point, it’s better for me to air out my frustrations in some venue. If I don’t, I run the risk of continuing to hold in my frustrations, and I’m unsure if I can do that anymore.

I apologize for being derelict with this website. I admit I don’t know what to do at this point.

C. Archer
Le Social