Trailers | Bob Rock, Jann Arden, Dan Mangan on Vintage TV Canada

The Gloryosky Twitter has linked to Vintage TV Canada’s YouTube promotional videos since circa March 2018. The music television channel is the Canadian version of the United Kingdom’s Vintage TV. Below are three trailers for Needle Time and My Vintage. Needle Time is an interview program hosted in its Canadian form by Vintage TV Canada creative director Alan Cross, while My Vintage is a music video playlist chosen by the featured music personality.

Two of the videos relate to Bob Rock. 1970s/1980s Canadian new wave fans remember Rock as a member of Payola$. He’s also a producer – you might have seen him in a Metallica documentary, he’s that obscure. Rock recently produced Jann Arden’s 2018 album These Are the Days, which Needle Time presumably helps promote.

As for Dan Mangan, he’s a Vancouver musician and songwriter. Mangan scores upcoming CBC/SundanceTV miniseries Unspeakable, as well as an animated project for Netflix.

All three videos are “coming soon”, as is the norm for Vintage TV Canada’s YouTube promotion. Vintage TV Canada’s social media (Twitter, Facebook) are better indicators of when the programs actually air. Promotional oddities aside, I appreciate what Vintage TV Canada does, as it serves a niche as a music television channel that hasn’t yet heard the siren call of vague lifestyle marketing.

C. Archer
Le Social