Trailer | April 20 ‘Live’ IMPACT Wrestling

Readers might wonder why Gloryosky posts a random promo for IMPACT Wrestling. The show, which currently airs on GameTV and Fight Network Thursday nights at 8:00 PM ET, airs a “live” (i.e., same day tape-delayed) episode on April 20, 2017 as part of a series of Orlando, Florida tapings.

Anthem Sports & Entertainment bought majority control of the Total Nonstop Action (TNA) professional wrestling promotion in January 2017. The now-renamed promotion recently allied itself with the United Kingdom’s new World of Sport Wrestling, Japan’s Pro Wrestling NOAH and Mexico’s Lucha Libre AAA.

Longtime TNA/IMPACT Wrestling followers understand the problems the company has weathered since its 2002 launch – the lawsuit and settlement with Audience of One Productions being one of many recent headaches for IMPACT Wrestling. Seriously, it’s a long and bewildering list.

It will be nice to see how IMPACT Wrestling weathers the rest of 2017. At the very least, IMPACT Wrestling has greater exposure from the current GameTV simulcast, which came into effect April 6, 2017. With IMPACT Wrestling, Fight Network and GameTV under Anthem’s corporate umbrella, the product has an exposure in Canada it previously never enjoyed on a Canadian-owned station. IMPACT Wrestling has been on Fight Network since 2015.

Despite the current turnover in IMPACT Wrestling – the Hardy Boyz and Drew Galloway having recently left, with former longtime TNA talents Samoa Joe and AJ Styles enjoying success in WWE – at least IMPACT Wrestling has stability it didn’t have in 2016. At least the company doesn’t currently have to scramble for money just to pay for immediate tapings. IMPACT Wrestling is an interesting promotion.

C. Archer
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