Online Promotion | City’s 2016-17 primetime lineup

City uploaded its first show trailers for the 2016-17 season on July 13, 2016. Shows currently promoted are 24: Legacy and the new season of Prison Break, as well as new series Son of Zorn, Shots Fired, Making History and The Mick. The playlist also includes the trailer for the TV-movie remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The first trailers to appear on City’s YouTube account are from Fox, so they’re essentially “reruns” for those who follow Fox’s YouTube account. City originals Second Jen and Bad Blood: The Vito Rizzuto Story don’t yet appear, while Gloryosky assumes VICELAND promotes Nirvanna The Band The Show before its second run on City. The obvious draws here are 24: Legacy and Prison Break, while Phil Lord/Christopher Miller vehicle Son of Zorn is the show Gloryosky is most interested in right now. It’s the familiar “fantasy character in the real world” premise – Golan the Insatiable uses the premise’s “hell-demon” variant – yet the trailer executes Son of Zorn’s premise fairly well.

While there isn’t much to say about this YouTube playlist, it shows that City wants to strengthen its relationship with Fox, given the FX Canada and FXX Canada licenses Rogers Media maintains. At least Son of Zorn has a home on Canadian terrestrial television, something Golan the Insatiable didn’t have.

As of this writing, the Lethal Weapon trailer isn’t up on City’s YouTube account, yet one can be sure of the heavy promotion City will inevitably give it.

C. Archer
Le Social