Online Promotion | Between’s second season; preview of episode 2.3

City uploaded a YouTube preview for “Hope”, Between’s third episode of its second season, on July 8, 2016. The show airs Thursdays at 8:00 PM ET/PT on City. Between’s second season is already up on Netflix in the United States.

Edit (July 27, 2016) | Between’s second season first appears August 12, 2016 on shomi, not one day after the City airing as was previously posted. Gloryosky regrets the error.

While I personally can’t claim to be a fan of Between – I can’t get beyond the too-languid pacing and cynical character development in Between’s first season – it’s nice to see City promote Between on YouTube properly. Upcoming episode promos appear a day after the previous episode airs on City. There is a live digital aftershow for Between. Regardless of what one thinks of Between, the show has some decent promotion behind it.

Netflix US’ choice to release Between’s second season in the United States defeats City’s Canadian promotion somewhat, grey market streaming being what it is. It’s still rare in 2016 to see Canadian broadcast/specialty services aside from CBC set up a weekly YouTube strategy of upcoming episode promos and/or show-related videos. Gloryosky thinks every Canadian broadcast/specialty service should set up something similar to Between for original scripted programs. Compared to Between, Killjoys and Dark Matter have little online presence on Space’s YouTube channel. That doesn’t mean every show should get an aftershow, heavens no, yet Gloryosky doesn’t think a thirty-second preview video asks too much of a broadcast/specialty service.

C. Archer
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