Online Video | Inhuman Condition

An “untold power”, a werewolf and a zombie go to therapy sessions. That’s the premise of Shaftesbury digital/transmedia division Smokebomb Entertainment’s Inhuman Condition, which debuted July 4, 2016 on the KindaTV YouTube channel. The online series posts new videos Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:30 PM ET, with six episodes already online.

RJ Lackie is Inhuman Condition’s creator/writer, while Smokebomb’s Stephanie Ouaknine is its producer. Torri Higginson (This Life, Stargate: Atlantis) plays therapist Dr. Michelle Kessler, while actors like Cara Gee (Strange Empire), Clara Pasieka (Reign), Angela Asher (18 to Life, Hard Rock Medical) and Robin Dunne (Sanctuary) figure in Inhuman Condition’s larger narrative.

KindaTV is the former VerveGirlTV, having rebranded in 2015 as part of owner shift2’s strategy to increase awareness of YouTube scripted content. shift2 is owned by the Youth Culture agency and Shaftesbury. VerveGirlTV/KindaTV’s success with Carmilla is crucial in the promotion of Inhuman Condition.

The first six episodes introduce Inhuman Condition’s premise and characters. Inhuman Condition is largely confined to a doctor’s office, which it makes up for with the quality of its acting and writing. An assisted-suicide story thread starts in the second episode – not to spoil Inhuman Condition, yet this is something KindaTV could have let build in the thrice-weekly format, rather than partially spoil in an episode dump. That’s a minor complaint in a so-far compelling series. Having Dr. Elizabeth Weir as Inhuman Condition’s anchor doesn’t hurt, either.

C. Archer
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