TV News | [adult swim] Canada subsumes Teletoon at Night shows

If Channel Canada is accurate with [adult swim] Canada’s September 2015 schedule, American Dad, Family Guy, Futurama, The Awesomes, Fugget About It and Robot Chicken – essentially, the bulk of the current Teletoon at Night lineup that isn’t Archer – moves to [adult swim] starting September 2015. Shows new to Canadian audiences are as follows, all debuting September 4, 2015:

Axe Cop: 9:30 PM ET
Golan the Insatiable: 10:30 PM ET
Night Sweats: 10:00 PM ET
Napoleon Dynamite: 9:00 PM ET

Of the “new” [adult swim] shows, two of them (Golan the Insatiable’s second season, Napoleon Dynamite) had season runs on Fox primetime. Fox Animation Domination High-Definition debuted both Axe Cop and Golan the Insatiable in 2013. Axe Cop is confirmed by the [as] Canada Facebook account. Gloryosky previously posted about Night Sweats.

Now that more of the [adult swim] Canada lineup is revealed, it’s hard to say what to make of it. On one hand, [as] Canada badly needed new content. [as] Canada assumes the functions of Teletoon at Night at this point, a jarring transition as Corus Entertainment’s fall 2015 program lineups aren’t fully revealed yet.

On the other hand, [adult swim] Canada’s upcoming lineup sees the channel become heavily Fox-centric. While the American [as] airs its share of Fox shows, no “new” shows are ported over to [as] Canada from [adult swim]’s American parent – no Mike Tyson Mysteries, no Rick and Morty, no Black Dynamite. In addition, the aforementioned “new” Fox shows have short overall runs. While short overall runs are de rigueur for [as], there’s currently no indication that new shows debut on [as] Canada once the three Fox shows finish their cycles.

Fans of Fox ADHD’s current FXX run might be surprised to see shows that debuted on one of the Big Four program services air on cable in Canada, but that’s nothing new for Canadian program rights. A huge chunk of [adult swim]’s then-current content aired on G4 Canada from 2009-11 and 2012. The CRTC found G4 Canada in non-compliance of its licence terms in 2011, which eventually ended G4 Canada’s association with [as]. Aside from a few live-action shows on Much, this is as robust as [adult swim] has been in Canada since 2012.

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