TV News | Teletoon Retro/Cartoon Network update; Dark Matter, Killjoys renewed

On September 1, 2015, the former English-language Teletoon Retro channel space on Bell satellite channel 599 featured a bumper noting that “[t]he broadcaster has removed Teletoon Retro channel”. As confirmed to Gloryosky’s Twitter account by Bell Support on September 1, 2015, nothing takes over the channel space at this time. The English-language Teletoon Retro feed switched over to Cartoon Network Canada at 6:00 AM ET on September 1, 2015. Cartoon Network Canada currently resides on Bell satellite channel 564.

Teletoon, Cartoon Network Canada and [adult swim] Canada haven’t formally announced their schedules yet, though Corus Entertainment publicist Catrina Jaricot confirms to Gloryosky on September 1, 2015 that the formal division between the former Teletoon Canada properties (Teletoon, Cartoon Network Canada, [adult swim] Canada) and the other Corus Kids/Corus Millennials properties (YTV, Nickelodeon Canada and Treehouse; the Disney Channel Canada brands and ABC Spark) continues. The Teletoon Canada properties are fully owned by Corus Entertainment since January 1, 2014 as part of the fallout from the Bell Media/Astral Media merger.

As Corus Entertainment communications manager Netta Rondinelli confirms to Gloryosky on September 1, 2015, Disney Channel Canada operates under a new CRTC licence. Only for French-language Canada does Télétoon Rétro convert to La Chaîne Disney.

Historically, Teletoon Canada manages the Cartoon Network and [adult swim] brands, and has since Cartoon Network Canada’s 2012 debut. Essentially, Disney Channel Canada’s and Cartoon Network Canada’s fates are still being worked out by Corus Entertainment, leading to this so-far messy transition. “Check your local listings” has to do, for now.

In more cut-and-dried news, Syfy gives second-season renewals to Dark Matter and Killjoys. SPACE also renews Killjoys for a second season.

Dark Matter’s fate on SPACE is unknown at this time. As Bell Media comedy/drama communications manager Mary Costa mentions to Gloryosky on September 1, 2015, Dark Matter is an acquisition for SPACE, while Killjoys is a co-production between SPACE, Syfy and Temple Street Productions. Dark Matter’s renewal is for thirteen episodes, while Killjoys enjoys another ten episodes.

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