TV News/Rumours | Bite rebrands to Makeful; [adult swim] debuts Night Sweats

As first confirmed to Gloryosky by Blue Ant Media on August 7, 2015, Bite shuts down August 24, 2015. On August 18, Blue Ant Media confirms to Gloryosky Bite’s multi-platform rebrand as do-it-yourself channel Makeful, serving maker culture. Bite on Mondo’s content is still administered by Blue Ant Media and Mondo Media, while remains active after August 24, 2015. In effect, Bite’s still around after August 24, just in a reduced role.

Where things grow confusing is how Bite on Mondo relates to Teletoon. [adult swim], which shares channel space with Cartoon Network, debuts BoM compilation Night Sweats on September 4, 2015, at 10:00 PM ET. Current rumours are that, for English Canada, Cartoon Network moves into Teletoon Retro’s channel space, as Teletoon Retro shuts down September 1, 2015. This move increases both CN and [as]’ visibility.

Another rumour is the Teletoon channel eventually focusing exclusively on children’s television, displacing Teletoon at Night, while the CN and [as] brands gain greater focus at Corus Entertainment. Night Sweats was originally tabbed for a debut on Teletoon at Night. Gloryosky doesn’t normally mention rumours, but they’re needed to explain the Teletoon/BoM situation as the site currently understands it. Given that Axe Cop debuts on [adult swim] Canada September 4, [as] currently undergoes a program overhaul (read: less reliance on decade-old Minoriteam reruns. Yes, [adult swim] Canada aired Minoriteam reruns in 2015, and called them new).

In any case, Cartoon Network and [adult swim] are more widely available to Canadian audiences come September 1, 2015, while Disney Channel makes its Canadian debut the same day. That Teletoon Retro and Bite are sacrificed to make room for newer ventures is lamentable, as they were enjoyable channels, but time and business march on. On the flip side, Corus Entertainment obtains and promotes relatively new content for [adult swim]. That’s something novel.

C. Archer
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