Live-Tweet | The Flash (2014) 1.18, iZombie 1.5

At this point, iZombie does good enough ratings for The CW that I think it will earn a second season. The Flash’s viewership has declined since its February-March 2015 hiatus, but if there’s one thing that The CW has over another program service right now, it’s that its Tuesday night performs better on average than Fox. Gordon Ramsay yells at a declining audience on Hell’s Kitchen, while New Girl and Weird Loners sit with each other, wondering why the hell their numbers are so low.

iZombie is better than I figured it would be. The Flash makes for a compatible enough lead-in. iZombie’s a niche show, but it’s on the right network, with showrunners who know how The CW works. Unless iZombie’s numbers drop, which is unlikely as it’s The CW’s fourth-highest-watched show so far this season, I think iZombie’s renewal is imminent. Hart of Dixie isn’t formally cancelled, but the sets are allegedly dismantled. Hart of Dixie already hit its syndication number; it’s not coming back.

Unless The Messengers becomes a freak hit for The CW – and when it airs Friday at 9:00 PM ET/PT, it has to be – iZombie is safe. It’s Rob Thomas trying to Buffy-ize Veronica Mars under DC Entertainment’s aegis, but that somehow works – and I hate the continuous elbowing of tropes that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Also, The Flash is still the best thing going for The CW in 2014-15. In other news, food turns to fecal matter in one’s digestive system.

Live-tweet sessions:

The Flash (2014) 1.18 (“All-Star Team Up”)
iZombie 1.5 (“Flight of the Living Dead”)

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