TV News | Mohawk Girls possibly renewed for third season

Note: in the original post, Gloryosky misidentified the APTN contact as Manager of Communications Jacqueline Jubinville. Gloryosky apologizes for this error.

TV, eh? recently mentioned a possible second season renewal for APTN/OMNI Television sitcom Mohawk Girls, on the basis of an open casting call for “Season II”.

I recently contacted APTN Communications Coordinator Sheldon McRae about this. Mohawk Girls was originally greenlit by APTN and OMNI for a seven-episode order in May 2013, and renewed for an additional six episodes (PDF) on February 18, 2014. The two orders officially count as two seasons, which McRae confirms as having already aired on APTN. The official Mohawk Girls website counts the two orders as one season. Yes, this is confusing.

The open casting call spoils the official third season of Mohawk Girls. The show debuted on APTN and OMNI for the fall 2014-15 season. The main question now is who airs the new Mohawk Girls season, whether it be APTN, OMNI, and/or someone else. Mohawk Girls was recently nominated for a 2015 Banff World Media Festival Rockie Award, in the Sitcom category. Given that and the show’s fanbase, it would be short-sighted for APTN and OMNI not to officially give Mohawk Girls another season.

C. Archer
Le Social