Live-Tweet | Toronto Screenwriting Conference 2015, Day Two

These live-tweet sessions are not meant as a substitute for the Toronto Screenwriting Conference. As with Gloryosky’s live-tweets of television shows, it’s impossible to summarize ninety-minute talks and workshops in batches of 140 characters each. The TSC information is largely of interest to working and aspiring screenwriters, just as upfront season is geared towards advertisers and selected media.

To be honest, I feel uneasy publishing these sessions, given that I was there as a regular delegate and not media. Keep in mind, the talks are just one part of the Toronto Screenwriting Conference; through networking, I realize a lot of TSC attendees are there to transition into screenwriting from other forms of media (disclosure: this includes me). I probably wouldn’t have met Bruce M. Smith and Mike Kiss in person, had I left the TSC Screenwriter’s Social halfway through. Networking has its benefits, but you have to get your face out there.

I’m grateful I could attend the Toronto Screenwriting Conference for the first time in three years, when I attended/live-tweeted the conference on TV, eh?’s behalf. While URBMN/Gloryosky has been accredited as media to other events, I find events like TSC more geared to what I’m professionally – and personally – interested in.

Live-tweet sessions:

Eugene and Dan Levy (Schitt’s Creek)
Eric Homan (vice president of development, Frederator Studios)
Jeff Melvoin (founder/chair, Writers Guild of America Showrunner Training Program)
Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair (High Maintenance)

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C. Archer
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