Live-Tweet | The Flash (2014) 1.15, iZombie 1.1

If I spoil iZombie for the Canadian audience, I apologize in advance. This is the problem when iZombie airs “live” for the American audience, and streams on shomi in Canada a day later. Needless to say, shomi has a generic trailer for iZombie – not that I make fun of shomi for this, yet The CW promotes this show much more heavily. I expect the youngest-skewing American broadcast program service to promote its shows heavily, even if reviews of The CW’s shows are still “wow! The CW doesn’t aim at the young female shippers as much as it used to!”

As a CW-related aside, in the Canadian market, The Flash (2014) is a sturdy Top 5 ratings beast for CTV. I don’t remember CTV shilling The Flash half as hard as Gotham leading up to the shows’ debuts in 2014, yet The Flash wears the tight-fitting speed suit at this point. Things happen on The Flash…oh, boy, do things happen on The Flash. Without spoiling much, the show finally ditches Harrison Wells’ scientist shtick, and shows Barry Allen breaking the time barrier. It’s how these elements fit together that I won’t spoil. The Flash’s villains are goofy, but they will kill you if necessary.

Live-tweet sessions:

The Flash (2014) 1.15 (“Out of Time”)
iZombie 1.1 (“Pilot”)

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