Live-Tweet | March 18 to April 7, 2015 Catch-Up: Secret Six

Gloryosky dropped X Company after the fifth episode. It’s the “busier than usual” workload-cum-excuse again. I honestly never got into X Company enough to continue live-tweeting it. I might visit X Company episodes 1.6 to 1.8 in the near future. Long story short, it was maple syrup season, and that eats up time. I also had to deal with other issues, like Gloryosky being down for three days last week. Last week was, to use a pun that earns people the death penalty in various countries, Ingloryosky.

Gloryosky might not continue live-tweets in 2015-16. The live-tweets are a content experiment, and I’m not sure how effective the experiment is for Gloryosky. Live-tweets of The Flash (2014) and iZombie will continue to their season ends. Gloryosky might review and/or live-tweet other shows this late spring/summer, though Gloryosky will most likely prepare for 2015’s upfront season.

Due to the Chicago, Illinois mayoral runoff election of April 7, 2015, iZombie will not have a day-and-date live-tweet for its fourth episode, as I only have access to WGN at the moment. Gloryosky might live-tweet WGN’s 12:00 AM ET airing of iZombie on April 9, 2015. Most likely, Gloryosky will focus on promotion and attendance of the 2015 Toronto Screenwriting Conference, which runs from April 11-12, 2015.

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