Live-Tweet | Marvel’s Agent Carter 1.8

Wasn’t that a great season finale for Marvel’s Agent Carter? I didn’t know Howard the Duck was a clone of a female named Hayley! She’s the polar opposite of our favourite cynical “mallard”!

Okay, that didn’t happen, and it’s not like either my live-tweet session or this article will spoil much of Marvel’s Agent Carter’s finale. As much as I doubt the show will be renewed, as I speculated on last week, Marvel’s Agent Carter isn’t a bad show. It gets a bit of flak for being a periphery show – and so what? It was designed to be like that.

I guess if I was more well-versed in Marvel lore, I’d recognize more of the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Once I looked up two of the villain characters’ backstories, I realized how far off at least one of my live-tweets was. The final scene of Marvel’s Agent Carter is a genuine “oh, shit” moment for those paying attention. One clue: Jack Kirby. The man has a “based on characters created by” credit for a reason. That reason is an out-of-court settlement, but that’s splitting atoms.

No, seriously. I want a female Howard prequel in Marvel’s Agent Carter, if it gets a second season. In 2015, it’s culturally acceptable for the mainstream to like Howard the Duck again. Considering the outlandish things Marvel’s Agent Carter throws at the viewer, a sapient “duck” from an alternate Earth isn’t going to lose the viewer. I must point out, The Flash (2014) has a mind-controlling gorilla, and I Flash viewers eat that shit up.

Live-tweet session:
Episode 1.8 (“Valediction”)

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