Live-Tweet | X Company 1.2

I think this is the worst live-tweet session I’ve done since I started regular live-tweet sessions in fall 2014. Followers of the live-tweets might think differently, though that’s hard to gauge as I don’t embed live-tweet sessions anymore. The live-tweet “quality” has nothing to do with X Company’s quality; X Company is a decent enough show. No, this live-tweet session for X Company was marred by dog vomit. Sound stupid? It is.

I realize I don’t have to do a scripted show the way I presently do it. Ironically, The Zeta Project’s “present-tweets” have the strongest shelf life of any Gloryosky live-tweet session, which surprises me. Gloryosky might review X Company “properly” later on in the year. Admittedly, I feel I don’t have a good handle on X Company yet.

As an aside, The Zeta Project was recently mentioned in an A.V. Club article…in its “A.V. To Z” section, and only due to it starting with a Z, because The isn’t a word. I hope X Company isn’t the “no other choices” option of a Canadian television A-to-Z listicle. Hey, I can say I’ve seen both X Company and The Zeta Project, something I have over A.V. Club’s Usual Gang of Idiots. Can I have a job there?

Live-tweet session:
Episode 1.2 (“Trial by Fire”)

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