Live-Tweet | Ascension 1.3, 19-2 (Bravo) 2.6, X Company 1.1

One of the problems inherent in writing a site without sufficient mainstream attention – in my opinion – is that a major public Canadian network doesn’t know Gloryosky live-tweets one of its shows. I guess that’s better than other networks/program services ignoring this site, but with The Flash (2014) in a month-long hiatus, and Marvel’s Agent Carter winding down on February 24, 2015, the only shows Gloryosky live-tweets until March 17 are the Canadian-produced shows.

Granted, Ascension is a Canadian/American series CBC acquired for its lineup, yet it’s set in America. It’s not a throwback to the days of Andromeda and The Adventures of Sinbad, but then, no one on Ascension fights a deadly roll of toilet paper yet. Sure, The Adventures of Sinbad called the TP “deadly ribbons”…point is, Canadian television is no longer at the stage where cheapjack science fiction shows are the only game in town. I wish CBC wasn’t the perpetual heavy lifter every season, but that would require the private program services to spend more money on domestic product. I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate; I just think there’s more to television than CSI: Cyber. Any sane person would.

Spoilers: CBC now knows what a Gloryosky is, I think. Will the Crown corporation figure out how old URBMN/Gloryosky’s Twitter is? Twists and turns await CBC. It is a mystery.

Live-tweet sessions:

19-2 2.6 (“Tables”)
Ascension 1.3 (“Night Two, Part One”)
X Company 1.1 (“Pilot”)

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