Social Media | Blackstone 4.6 Live-Tweet

Apologies for never coming up with clever things to write about for this show. To be honest, I wouldn’t know where to start. Blackstone runs the gamut this season – prostitution/sex trafficking, gambling addiction, fallout from a murder, life in the remand centre, a chief in the untenable position of fixing a corrupt municipal government, drug and alcohol dependency…I’m astonished I stuck out this long with live-tweets for this show. I won’t even call Blackstone a “native soap opera”, as that ignores how bleak this show gets at times.

In Blackstone’s fourth season, I see a show that attempts to be more dramatically ambitious than Canadian television usually gets. I don’t say Blackstone is the only “real” show on Canadian television, shit no – bleak shows have a tendency to degrade into self-parody if that’s all the show offers, and I find Blackstone edges close to self-parody at times.

On the other hand, one rarely sees a Canadian dramatic series that wants to tackle as many Big Issues as it can in a season. With television as a whole shifting into its annual skein of holiday specials, Blackstone is the only show I live-tweet that is still in first run. That doesn’t make live-tweeting this show any easier. “Wolves vs. Sheep”, indeed.

C. Archer
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