Social Media | The Zeta Project 1.1, 1.2 Present-Tweet

This is an experiment to see if “virtual” tweets for a long-cancelled show are viable for Gloryosky. The Zeta Project was chosen due to me watching the show’s first-season DVD set while recovering from pilonidal cyst surgery (i.e., why the site was suddenly bursting with content around August 2014, after not updating past the June 2014 Canadian television upfronts).

The Zeta Project is an anomaly among DC Entertainment animated shows, especially from the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini/Alan Burnett DC Animated Universe (DCAU, 1992-2006) – an original concept spun off from an existing show. In this case, Batman Beyond begets Robert Goodman’s TZP. While I don’t claim that The Zeta Project is on Batman Beyond or Batman: The Animated Series’ level – TZP aims for a younger demographic than Batman Beyond, and its first season has at least one episode that is among the worst in DCAU history – The Zeta Project isn’t bad for what it is. I preferred it to Static Shock at the time, though Static Shock lasted longer, and brought Milestone Media’s Dwayne McDuffie to the DCAU. Anyone who watches Justice League and Justice League Unlimited knows how important McDuffie is to those shows. The voice of Zeta, Diedrich Bader, eventually became Batman on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It all works out.

Oddly enough, Static Shock has a six-episode “volume” set, while The Zeta Project has a first-season DVD set. That makes no sense to me. I doubt Warner Archive will finish up either show, yet it should. When DC’s Filmation shows and the 1988 Ruby-Spears Superman has more sales presence than the DCAU…pointless rant, I know, yet it still irks me.

C. Archer
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