Social Media | Blackstone 4.7 Live-Tweet

On the previous episode of Blackstone, Andy Fraser’s wife Debbie, inebriated and distracted, drove into oncoming traffic and was killed by a semi-trailer. Nothing I’ve seen on Canadian television in 2014 matches this for a cliffhanger.
I genuinely think people should watch APTN and/or Hulu if they want to watch this series. Greg David reviews Blackstone for TV, eh?, and the show has a healthy Facebook community.

The Twitter and YouTube communities aren’t as good. Even though Blackstone is in first-run when every other show is out taking a piss, there wasn’t a YouTube preview for “Discovery” before the show aired. There was a Facebook video, which I don’t want to embed on Gloryosky. The videos in the Storify below are for “Wolves vs. Sheep”, which is fine, but when someone suffers a graphic death in a cliffhanger, I kind of expect a YouTube trailer for the upcoming episode.

Blackstone usually has its episode trailers up on YouTube the day the episode airs; compare that to something like The Flash, where trailers for next week’s episode are quickly up after the then-current episode. It’s part of the Canadian television/American television promotional divide. If American television is The Flash, Canadian television is the man who gets killed in an issue of Santa the Barbarian.

Still, Blackstone earns points for having a Facebook page with over thirty thousand likes; based on how active the page is, I imagine it’s a genuine thirty thousand likes, and not ninety percent bots tilling Zutroy’s follow farm. I’d hate to think Blackstone the show is as corrupt as, say, Andy Fraser.

C. Archer
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