Social Media | Gotham 1.9, The Flash (2014) 1.6, 1.7 Live-Tweet

Gotham 1.10 was not live-tweeted on November 24, 2014, due to a power outage in the Stirling, Ontario area. Gotham 1.10 will be “virtual”-tweeted on a future date. Gotham 1.10 is a fall finale, so Gloryosky will not return to Gotham until 2015, unless episode 1.10 re-airs before 2014 ends. I realize the series is online, but the point of the live-tweets is their first-run immediacy.

Arrow was dropped after November 12, 2014, due to weak interest levels compared to Gotham, Constantine, and The Flash (2014). Gloryosky will live-tweet the crossover between The Flash (2014) and Arrow, yet for all intents and purposes, Arrow is no longer featured on Gloryosky.

C. Archer
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