Social Media | Strange Empire 1.6, 1.8, Blackstone 4.2, 4.3 Live-Tweet

Strange Empire 1.7 was not live-tweeted on November 24, 2014, due to a power outage in the Stirling, Ontario area. Strange Empire 1.7 will be “virtual”-tweeted on a future date. I realize the series is online, but the point of the live-tweets is their first-run immediacy.

Strange Empire goes on hiatus after December 8, 2014, so that CBC can air holiday programming, and freak the audience out with Cyborg Gem Eye Rudolph. Strange Empire returns January 12, 2015 with new episodes, and ends February 2, 2015. Ascension assumes Strange Empire’s 9:00 PM Monday timeslot starting February 9, 2015.

C. Archer
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