Trailer/Rant | Michael: Every Day

Gloryosky is admittedly late with promotion on Michael: Every Day, which debuted January 15, 2017 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on CBC Television. Two new episodes air every Sunday until January 29, 2017. The official YouTube trailer for Michael: Every Day’s first episode was published as an unlisted ad on January 10, 2017. Gloryosky assumes the ad was meant to go “live” the day of Michael: Every Day’s premiere. There is also a piece on CBC News’ YouTube from January 9, 2017 about Michael: Every Day.

Michael: Every Day is a continuation of 2011’s Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays. Gloryosky is confused as to why an episode trailer is posted as an unlisted ad, as there are fans of Don McKellar, Matt Watts and Bob Martin’s work. Michael has the rare distinction of returning to series television more than five years after its first season. There are selling points to Michael: Every Day.

Usually, CBC – either through its main YouTube channel or CBC Comedy – is good about promoting its shows. There are videos for X Company, Workin’ Moms and Schitt’s Creek. Pure similarly doesn’t have an official listed trailer on YouTube. Michael: Every Day and Pure both have dedicated sections on, and social media presences.

While Gloryosky is currently guilty of overall bad promotion (as I’ll personally be the first to admit), it’s usually due to frustration over promotional strategies like this. Maybe there are YouTube-related clearance issues with Michael: Every Day and Pure. It comes across as strange to Gloryosky to split the difference on online show promotion like this. At least Michael: Every Day releases full episodes the day of the episode’s debut. Gloryosky can’t complain that much about CBC’s intentions, especially given the five-plus-year wait between Michael seasons.

C. Archer
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