Trailers | Nirvanna the Band the Show, Mary Kills People

Nirvanna the Band the Show is based on the webseries about two friends/roommates in Toronto (Matt Johnson and Jay McCarrol) hoping to gain heavy publicity for their band en route to a prospective gig at The Rivoli. The fact Nirvanna the Band cobble some improv together after such publicity isn’t considered a detriment in their minds. From the first few days of this trailer being on YouTube, opinions are divided on it.

The trailer appears to use clips from the webseries, given George Stroumboulopoulos hosting a Rapid Fax segment on MuchMusic. A lot has changed since Nirvana/Nirvanna the Band the Show’s webseries debut (for instance, Much’s purpose, name and employment of Strombo). VICELAND is known for documentary and lifestyle series like Weediquette, Balls Deep and F*ck, That’s Delicious, so scripted series are an awkward fit thus far in VICELAND’s history. Gloryosky just hopes VICELAND treats Nirvanna the Band the Show better than Showcase treated Pure Pwnage, especially given the decade-long time for Nirvanna the Band the Show to become a television series. At least, unlike Pure Pwnage, Americans see Nirvanna the Band the Show on the same channel Canadians do. viewers Nirvanna the Band the Show debuts February 2, 2017 on VICELAND.

Mary Kills People is a departure for Global, in that the series centres around illegal doctor-assisted suicide. To Global’s credit, the six-part series – which has an American broadcaster in Lifetime – is currently sold as an “event”. Gloryosky credits Global for attaching some importance to the series. Truth be known, Gloryosky expected Mary Kills People to be neutered in its promotion, so for Mary Kills People to have a decent-looking trailer and marketing behind it bodes well for the show.

Hopefully Mary Kills People opens doors for “edgier” material to find a place on private Canadian terrestrial program services, the way such material starts to take root on CBC Television. While Gloryosky has no problem with procedurals, sitcoms and other “safer” bets, it’s nice to see a program service like Global take risks once in a while. Mary Kills People debuts January 25, 2017 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on Global.

C. Archer
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