TV News | Cartoon Network/[adult swim]’s Canadian merchandising futures

On the heels of Corus Entertainment’s new broadcast and merchandising agreement with Cartoon Network, to which Nelvana assumes Canadian merchandising agency for CN properties, [adult swim] is not mentioned in the agreement. [adult swim] shares channel space with Cartoon Network in both Canada and the United States, with a twenty-four-hour live stream for online viewers. [adult swim] Canada debuted in 2012.

Gloryosky confirms through Grand Communications founder/president Alison Grand, who handles publicity for Nelvana, and Turner Broadcasting System communications senior vice-president James Anderson that [adult swim] Canada is part of Corus’ new broadcast agreement. [adult swim] is not currently part of Nelvana’s merchandising agency agreement. In essence, Nelvana handles a Cartoon Network-branded product’s Canadian retail marketing and licensing, and earns a cut from the sale of CN-branded merchandise in Canada. Cartoon Network’s American headquarters currently handles [adult swim] Canada’s merchandising agency in-house.

It should be noted that Cartoon Network handles [adult swim]’s Canadian streaming video-on-demand service through [adult swim games], as [adult swim]’s presence in Canada is more fragmented than it is in the United States. It’s hard to say when Canada earns its own official version of FishCenter.

Despite the mention of a broadcast and merchandising agency agreement, details about Cartoon Network Canada and [adult swim] Canada’s summer and fall 2016 schedules are unavailable at this time.

C. Archer
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