Live-Tweet | The season so far; summer 2015 slate

I never meant for Gloryosky to be a hotbed of social media articles mixed with the occasional actual article, but that’s how Gloryosky rolls right now. The breakdown of Gloryosky’s live-tweet sessions since Gotham’s debut on September 22, 2014 are as follows:

19-2 (Bravo): 8 episodes (live-tweeted 2.3 through 2.10)
Arrow: 7 episodes (general lack of interest; ended at 3.6, rejoined for The Flash/Arrow crossover at 3.8)
Ascension: 6 episodes (series ended)
Blackstone: 8 episodes (season ended)
Canadian Screen Awards: telecast
Constantine: 13 episodes (season ended)
The Flash (2014): 21 episodes (season ongoing)
Gotham: 12 episodes (personal lack of interest; ended at 1.13)
iZombie: 6 episodes (season ongoing)
Marvel’s Agent Carter: 8 episodes (season ended)
The Messengers: 3 episodes (season ongoing; series cancelled by The CW on May 7, 2015)
Strange Empire: 12 episodes (series ended)
X Company: 5 episodes (personal lack of interest; ended at 1.5)

Not surprisingly, the first live-tweet session to appear on this site belongs to Constantine’s first episode on October 24, 2014. Of the twelve shows live-tweeted for Gloryosky, four shows (19-2, Strange Empire, Blackstone, X Company) are Canadian content, while six (Arrow, Constantine, The Flash, Gotham, iZombie, Marvel’s Agent Carter) are comic book adaptations.

Will I do live-tweets for fall 2015 and beyond? I’m not sure; I might transition to reviews by then. The reason Gloryosky does social media is pragmatic: I want to prove to an audience that I can stick to a weekly schedule. People like when a website updates regularly – professionalism, and all that. While I can’t claim Gloryosky is in a better position in 2015 than in 2014, it has made me a better writer, and Gloryosky somehow appeared on a National Post best-of list, apropos of nothing.

A list of shows Gloryosky plans to live-tweet for summer 2015, though the live-tweets might slow down around Canadian upfront time:
Between (first season, City)
Dark Matter (first season, SPACE)
Golan the Insatiable (second season, Fox)
Killjoys (first season, SPACE)

Despite The CW cancelling The Messengers and The Messengers being a manky hot mess, Gloryosky plans to stick with that show until it gives. Gloryosky will also stay with The Flash and, whenever WGN doesn’t baseball the show into a “special” timeslot, iZombie. I’m surprised Gloryosky stuck with The Flash throughout the season, yet it is a good show. I eagerly await The Flash’s second season.

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C. Archer
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