Live-Tweet | The Flash (2014) 1.21 – “Grodd Lives”

iZombie 1.8 (“Dead Air”) will not be live-tweeted until the WGN airing at 9:00 PM ET on May 10, 2015. I’ve learned the hard way how unreliable WGN is for live-tweets during Cubs and White Sox season. Go, Cubs. As for The Flash (2014), the show gets to the point in episodes leading up to its season finale. Obviously, an episode with Gorilla Grodd and Clancy Brown sells itself, so I won’t summarize “Grodd Lives” more than the live-tweet does.

I had no idea The Flash would be this consistent throughout the season. Seriously, there is no truly bad episode of The Flash this far in its first season, although “Who is Harrison Wells?” is the weakest episode for me. Even then, it’s a weak episode due to how Arrow characters act off-model, despite having the same showrunner in Marc Guggenheim. Arrow characters should never be Flash-level sunny.

Even if Gorilla Grodd isn’t the master planner played by Powers Boothe in Justice League Unlimited, David Sobolov makes for a decent Grodd. The mind control is there. The intelligence is there. The Flash is the type of show where it knows its villains are outlandish, and commits to them. The show goes from Rainbow Raider to Bug Eyed Bandit to Everyman, and the blatant pick-and-mixing (Flash villain, Atom villain, 52 villain that hung around until he needed to die) fits The Flash well.

At this point, I won’t be surprised if B’Wana Beast appears on The Flash and/or its affiliated spinoff, given B’Wana Beast’s run on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Scoff at that if you want, then look at the show that successfully makes Tom Cavanagh an evil bastard, gives Victor Garber a career resurgence, and installs renewed interest in John Wesley Shipp’s career. There’s a reason The Flash is already The CW’s top bread-earner.

In related news, iZombie’s second season and Supergirl’s first season were formally announced by DC Entertainment on May 6, 2015. The iZombie and Supergirl announcements are surer things than a Stephen King book being overwritten, but DC Entertainment now has at least five shows officially on the 2015-16 American network television schedule, and pilot season isn’t over yet.

Live-tweet session:
The Flash (2014) 1.21 (“Grodd Lives”)

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