Live-Tweet | Ascension 1.5, 19-2 (Bravo) 2.8

No weighty spiel this week. Ascension wraps up its current CBC run next week, while 19-2 finishes its second season in two weeks. Ascension’s future is most likely up to Syfy (as CBC only acquired the show – it’s not technically original programming on CBC’s end), whereas 19-2 is likely to earn a third season on Bravo.

After 19-2’s second season ends, Gloryosky will not live-tweet a Monday show for the foreseeable future. Gloryosky will turn its focus to The Flash, iZombie, and X Company. In the case of iZombie, if Bell blacks out The CW’s WGN feed (as shomi has exclusive Canadian rights to the show), I will not live-tweet iZombie. I realize typing this out is banal, yet I made a commitment to cover comic book shows for Gloryosky this year. Gloryosky isn’t pulling out this late in the season.

Live-tweet sessions:

19-2 2.8 (“Babylon”)
Ascension 1.5 (“Night Three, Part One”)

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C. Archer
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