Live-Tweet | Ascension 1.4, 19-2 (Bravo) 2.7

It’s official. I can’t get into Ascension without mocking it heavily. I understand what the show’s trying to do. Sadly, I think Ascension is The Venture Bros. Murder Mysteries, only without the conviction in naming a character Phantom Limb, and gradually turning him into a bureaucrat with designs on overthrowing the system he once thrived in. While I don’t think Ascension is a bad miniseries, it pretends to be smarter than it is.

As for 19-2, I’ve become a fan of it. I worry that I’m too deferential in Gloryosky’s 19-2 live-tweet sessions, yet I am impressed with the way the main plot (who is the mole in 19-2?) unfolds. It makes me wonder why I didn’t follow 19-2 in its first season, or plan a live-tweet session until two weeks after 19-2’s second season premiere. The cops-on-the-beat storytelling style works for this show, especially given the events of both “Tables” and “Property Line”. I think the show can be too sterile and stagy at times, yet no English-language Canadian drama can match 19-2’s plotting, even if English-language 19-2 follows French-language 19-2’s lead. I’m not sure Bravo knows what 19-2 gives the channel.

Live-tweet sessions:

19-2 2.7 (“Property Line”)
Ascension 1.4 (“Night Two, Part Two”)

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