Live-Tweet | 2015 Canadian Screen Awards

No preamble here. Gloryosky’s live-tweet to the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards broadcast gala is below:

Gloryosky Live-Tweets the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards

The full list of winners is here.

The best-performing tweet for Gloryosky tonight is a spoiler alert of John Cusack winning Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Film, for David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars. With 609 impressions and forty-two overall engagements as of this writing, it’s not even a contest. The next-best-performing tweets in terms of overall engagement are me lamenting a) that a tweet about John Cusack is Gloryosky’s best-performing tweet of the night, and b) that the Canadian Screen Awards should be live across all time zones. As an aside, Cusack doesn’t show up in person to accept his CSA.

The 2015 Canadian Screen Awards stayed on time this year. I wish the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television would figure out that you can’t air an awards ceremony live in the Atlantic time zone, then tape-delay it for other time zones. It defeats the purpose of a live broadcast. ACCT had since 2013 to fix this. There are no surprises in the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards broadcast gala, yet this is the first year in a while I can say ACCT launched a Gemini Awards/Canadian Screen Awards broadcast without major incident. That I can type this is a miracle in itself. I apologize for being this candid, but it needs to be said.

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C. Archer
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