Social Media | The Zeta Project 1.3, 1.4 Present-Tweet

I’ve decided to make this an irregular feature, due to The Zeta Project performing well enough on Gloryosky that it merits further “present-tweeting.” For today, “Remote Control” and “Change of Heart” are on tap. “Change of Heart” features the first in-the-flesh appearance of Dr. Selig, and – ugh – “Remote Control” features the tandem of Dr. Donald Tannor and boy genius Bucky Buenaventura.

It’s not the Dr. Tannor and Bucky characters themselves I hate. They should be one-shot characters, yet both appear at least a couple of times in the series. Bucky appears in seven episodes total. Dr. Tannor and Bucky appear in “Kid Genius”, the episode of The Zeta Project I most loathe, as it features a fountain of youth plot mixed with science that only makes sense in a comedy show like Futurama. This is one reason why The Zeta Project isn’t as well-liked as Batman Beyond.

Bucky threatens to be the Scrappy of The Zeta Project, an element unneeded in a chase show. The Zeta Project takes pains to improve Bucky’s character in the second season, as the show itself becomes darker. While The Zeta Project’s first season is still decent, you can see the vise Kids’ WB tightened the show on. The show needed to be on Cartoon Network, which appreciates adult themes more.

C. Archer
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