News: Teletoon at Night announces 2010-11 lineup

Teletoon introduced its 2010-11 lineup today, with a big shiny media site and everything.  This post will cover only Teletoon at Night.

The biggest change for TaN is that Teletoon Detour has been phased out completely.  Teletoon at Night was introduced in 2009 as a place for less raunchy adult-oriented shows, sort of a gateway to the Detour.  The shows common to Teletoon Detour have largely been moved past midnight, mimicking [adult swim]’s format.

Acquisitions for TaN include the FX animated spy spoof/Frisky Dingo variant Archer, a new season of American Dad and new episodes of Robot Chicken.  Original programs include 26 episodes of The Dating Guy, plus nine of the ten Teletoon Pilot Project entries.

I notice that the Teletoon Detour at Night Pilot Project is missing The Wireless Family.  Commenters on Canadian Animation Resources have pretty much slammed that pilot, as has Mike Valiquette.  I recall the comments on the Teletoon Detour website ravaging the show, though it wasn’t as hated as Drop Dead Gorgeous.

If Teletoon isn’t airing The Wireless Family due to extreme negative reaction, I’ll understand.  I assume the slight has more to do with The Wireless Family being a French-language show dubbed into English, the only Pilot Project show carrying that distinction.  Either way, I doubt the average viewer notices or cares.

From looking at the media site, Teletoon will not air new episodes of Metalocalypse, The Venture Bros. or Futurama this fall.  This frustrates me.  The Venture Bros.‘ fourth-season DVD (well, Season 4 Volume 1) will come out October 26, 2010.  Futurama just made a triumphant return to Comedy Central.  Canadians want these shows, believe me.

I honestly hope Teletoon at Night is withholding shows for winter.  I’m glad Archer is on Teletoon, but the overall schedule is thin.  At least Teletoon at Night is airing new material this year.  I don’t think I could bear the possibility of more Quads!

C. Archer
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