Rumour: Lloyd Robertson to retire as CTV National News anchor?

Howard Bernstein of Medium Close-Up has posted a “very trustworthy rumour” (his words) that Lloyd Robertson will resign from his role as CTV National News anchor very soon.

Robertson has refuted the rumour, dismissing it as “a fascinating work of fiction” on CKNW’s The Bill Good Show.  The 76-year-old anchor insists that, contrary to Medium Close-Up’s assertion, he is not tired of the daily grind.

Lloyd Robertson is one of North America’s longest-lasting anchors, at least on a national level.  Robertson has anchored CTV National News since 1976, sharing the desk with Harvey Kirck until 1984.  He previously anchored CBC’s The National from 1970 to 1976.  The man is a Canadian broadcasting legend.

On the other hand, Robertson’s 76.  Robertson is a classy and durable anchorman, but I wonder how much time the man has left.  Robertson has to pass the torch at some point in the near future.

I should note that I do not watch CTV National News.  I find it too self-important.  I respect Robertson for his longevity, but network news broadcasts as a whole are obsolete in the digital age.  Robertson, Kevin Newman and Peter Mansbridge are all talking heads in the grand scheme of things.

C. Archer
Le Social