News: Pure Pwnage debuts March 12, 2010 on Showcase

As of today, Pure Pwnage has an exact airdate.  The show will debut on Showcase Friday, March 12, 2010 at 10:00 PM, for an eight-episode first season.

This site has mentioned Pure Pwnage before, and not much has changed since November 25, 2009.  Seven of ten behind-the-scenes webisodes are currently up at and

Guest stars for Pure Pwnage‘s first season include Steve “Lips” Kudlow, Billy Mitchell and Kenny Hotz.  Not to niggle, but what does the lead singer/guitarist for Anvil have to do with gaming?

Canwest’s press release for Pure Pwnage describes what “to pwn,” “1337,” “n00b” and FPS mean.  That’s sort of lame, but at least Canwest doesn’t get Derek Harvie’s name wrong.  Oh, wait.

Uh…the press release doesn’t contain the phrase “surprise buttsecks.”  Hey, there’s a positive!  I knew I’d find one!

C. Archer
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