News: Conviction Kitchen to get second season on CityTV

Playback Online reports that CityTV has renewed Conviction Kitchen for a second season.  The Cineflix Productions show debuted on CityTV September 13, 2009.

Felons appearing on Conviction Kitchen (note the title’s double meaning) try to establish a high-end restaurant in three weeks, with no prior culinary experience.  Marc Thuet is co-owner/executive chef, while Biana Zorich is his business partner.  The show is at once a social experiment and promotion for Thuet’s businesses.

According to NOW Magazine, Conviction Kitchen‘s second season will shoot in Vancouver this April.  The show airs in America on Discovery Networks’ Planet Green.

I normally don’t post news about reality television, but Conviction Kitchen is surprisingly good for its genre.  The show’s emphasis is on how a restaurant is actually run.  Thuet stuns, kills and skins a sheep in the first episode.  Conviction Kitchen does not go for the glamour.

Knowing CityTV’s track record, I give Conviction Kitchen its sophomore season before it’s thrown onto the junk heap with The Collector, Blood Ties, Less Than Kind and Ed the Sock.  I have no idea how Murdoch Mysteries remains on that network.  I’m assuming a blood pact with Baal.

C. Archer
Le Social