Teletoon News: 6teen series finale February 11; The Dating Guy to air Fall 2010

6teen will air its two-part final episode February 11, 2010, at 8:00 PM ET/PT.  The series has aired on Teletoon since 2004, albeit in staggered seasons.  In America, 6teen aired on Nickelodeon before moving to Cartoon Network in 2008.

Three new episodes will air before the series finale, starting at 6:30 PM ET/PT.  While it’s nice to see a proper sendoff for 6teen, five new episodes back-to-back smells of a burnoff.

No new 6teen episodes have aired since November 2009, so Teletoon has washed its hands of the show.  Four seasons on that network isn’t half bad.  I tolerate 6teen a lot more than Wayside, World of Quest and Stoked.

According to Tiffany Astle of Holmes Creative Communications, The Dating Guy will debut on Teletoon September 2010.  HCC does PR for marblemedia, the company producing The Dating Guy.  Teletoon has the final say in scheduling, so The Dating Guy‘s airdate is not set in stone.

In America, The Dating Guy has been renewed for a second season on HDNet.  No second-season premiere date has been set.  I don’t get the logic of a Canadian show debuting in America a full season before it debuts in its home country, but whatever.

My guess is that Teletoon’s stockpiling shows for Teletoon Detour and Teletoon at Night.  It’s not a bad strategy, better than debuting one or two shows a year and hoping for the best.  I wish next season wouldn’t come at the expense of this season, but baby steps.

C. Archer
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