TV Review | Life’s a 1.17: “Chi’s Having a Baby”

Warning: spoilers.

Teletoon has advertised the final seven episodes of Life’s a (Teletoon: 10:30 PM ET/PT starting September 20) as “lost.”  No, Teletoon, they’re not lost.  You just haven’t aired them yet.  By that definition, the entirety of The Dating Guy and all [adult swim] shows on Teletoon bar Robot Chicken and Moral Orel are “lost.”  Showcase is airing “lost episodes” of The Foundation and Paradise Falls.  See where I’m going with this?

The channel recently kicked off Life’s a‘s “second season” by airing the seventeenth episode of the show.  Life’s a is a reality show satire dependent on continuity, as Dr. D and Minou are not featured in this episode.  If Teletoon isn’t going to air the show properly, just keep it on the shelf.  Teletoon airs Moral Orel in sequence, but not its own shit?  Oy vey.

The episode is by and large a Chi Chi oriented episode.  Chi Chi (Stephanie Jung), the show’s overweight butt panda, becomes sick for some reason.  She shows signs of pregnancy, which explains the episode’s title.  Hilarity threatens to ensue, as the other castmembers bar Rico aid her through childbirth.  The ending, though I won’t spoil it, should be familiar to anyone who’s seen the “Cash” episode of The Young Ones.

Life’s a‘s basic tenets of Morreski (Stephen Kishewitsch) drinking, Ray (Mike Rowland) acting like a dumbass stoner, Jake (Kurt Firla) acting skeezy and Chi Chi talking stereotype broke English are maintained.  Rico’s (Francisco Trujillo) subplot is darker, as the homosexual crocodilian forces his egg to go through musical theatre.  He even puts a vest on his egg, such is Rico’s iron-clad grip on reality.

I’ve learned to live with the music video portion of Life’s a  In this episode, Joel Plaskett’s “Fashionable People” is shown.  To me, that’s a few minutes of torture.  I have never understood why Life’s a needs music videos, as they are superfluous to the show itself.  I assume the videos are there to bring in revenue and fill time.

The second-season “premiere” of Life’s a is average.  There have been more clever episodes, although Life’s a has stuck to its general modus operandi of lampooning reality show clichés.  Writer Brandon Firla does what he can with the premise of “Chi’s Having a Baby,” but there’s only so much mileage one can get out of the “surrogate egg mothers” plot.

I doubt Life’s a will be renewed past its initial twenty-episode order.  Unless Teletoon decides to renew the show, these last seven episodes will likely be Life’s a‘s death knell.  It’s been a surprisingly good run, all told – better than Station X, anyway.

C. Archer
Le Social