News: Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye on DVD October 2009, acting on a tip by reader Katrina Willard, has posted the news that Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye will be on DVD by mid-October 2009.  The show, which aired on PAX (now Ion) from 2002-05 and on CTV from 2003-05, focused on deaf FBI agent Sue Thomas (Deanne Bray) and her training agent/line manager Jack Hudson (Yannick Bisson.)  The show’s unique selling proposition is Thomas’ ability to lip-read.

The article doesn’t go into much detail, aside from the mid-October date on the official Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye Facebook page.  In sum, at least it’s out.

Reruns of Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye still air on CTV as perpetual filler.  Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye is an American-Canadian co-production with no distinct Canadian identity, but the show has its fans on both sides of the border.  Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye currently airs in America on AmericanLife TV Network and Gospel Music Channel.

Aside: The American version of Animal Planet syndicated Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye in April 2009.  In the show, Thomas has a hearing dog named Levi.  Apparently, that’s enough to fit the station’s modus operandi.  The show lasted two weeks on Animal Planet before being dropped.  Isn’t cable rot grand?

C. Archer
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