Kerwin White Appreciation Article

I am aware that I am talking about the WWE and that’s just not right because it isn’t “cool” or some other dumb excuse (usually having to do with homosexuality, apparently) but the Raw writers have turned Chavo Guerrero Jr. into a sellout to his race.

Are WWE ball-tonguing the lowest common denominator with this gimmick?  Of course they are, let’s not be silly.

Is this gimmick going to insult at least half of the WWE’s Latino audience?  Depends whether anyone besides Latino idiots are watching.

Is the character more poorly-realized than Carlito?  No, simply for the fact that Heidenreich, Gene Snitsky and Carlito exist.  Also, Viscera’s a sex object now for those of you that haven’t watched WWE programming since it stopped being trendy, which I assume is all of you.

Am I interested in watching Chavo Guerrero matches for the first time since he stopped being Lt. Loco?  YES, YES, OH MY GOD, YES.

I’m a bad person.

C. Archer
Le Social