Trailers | CW Upfront Videos 2017-18, Alias Grace

Given that these videos are posted by The CW before the Canadian upfronts, it’s hard to say which new shows go to which Canadian services, yet Gloryosky posts the What’s Coming to The CW YouTube playlist for Black Lightning, the fifth in a series of Berlanti DC comic adaptations currently on The CW. Black Lightning is not set in the Arrowverse or the Supergirl universe and won’t take part in the yearly Arrowverse crossover, which is fine by Gloryosky. The Arrowverse’s histrionics don’t need to infect a fifth show.

As an aside, DC and/or The CW needs to explain the concept of its television multiverse better. Five years ago, there was just Arrow, so no one needed to worry about the logistics of which shows fit where and how they would cross over. People should take that into account with Black Lightning. It’s a show for midseason 2018, on a program service now with seven funnybook-related shows. Let’s see if Black Lightning holds its own before wondering how to wad Grant Gustin and/or Stephen Amell into an episode.

As for the other shows (Valor, Life Sentence, the Dynasty reboot), Gloryosky is convinced The CW wants to eventually get away from the comic book adaptations and quirky dramedies that are The CW’s foundations as of the mid-2010s. Hopefully at least one of the new non-supers will do well – not that low ratings mean automatic cancellation at The CW, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Also, Supernatural crosses over with Scooby-Doo, as apparently that needs to be a thing…also, cross-promotion.

Alias Grace is an adaptation of the same-named Margaret Atwood novel. The six-episode miniseries is written and produced by Sarah Polley, and has a firm debut date (September 25, 2017 on CBC at 9:00 PM ET/PT). David Cronenberg is listed as one of the actors, an interesting choice. Cronenberg is best known as a director, yet he’s also the main villain of Nightbreed. The man can act. Paul Gross and Anna Paquin is also part of the cast, among others.

The show’s first look is available ahead of CBC’s 2017-18 upfront, so it’s obvious CBC wants Alias Grace to do well. Bravo recently obtained a Margaret Atwood book adaptation from MGM Television, The Handmaid’s Tale. The American series is one of Bravo’s best-performing shows. While Sarah Polley’s involvement and Margaret Atwood’s literary pedigree makes Alias Grace an anticipated drama anyway, The Handmaid’s Tale’s success creates a promotional hook I hope CBC capitalizes on.

Outside of Canada, Alias Grace will be available on Netflix following the CBC premiere.

C. Archer
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