TV News | Teletoon at Night sheds two shows; Rick and Morty comes to Canada

Although there are no proper announcements relating to Teletoon at Night’s future after 2015, the Teletoon at Night Facebook and Twitter accounts are no more as of December 2015. There is an “Exciting Changes! on TELETOON at Night” FAQ stating that on January 4, 2016, Bob’s Burgers and Archer – the animation part of the current Teletoon at Night lineup – moves to [adult swim] Canada, times TBD. While the Teletoon at Night YouTube account is still active, the latest update is two months old, and is an ad for Halo 5: Guardians.

With this move, only films and Fred at Night remain on Teletoon at Night for the time being. Most of Teletoon at Night’s lineup moved to [adult swim] Canada in September 2015. Bob’s Burgers and Archer’s moves underline that [adult swim] Canada is Corus’ main (and likely only) outlet for adult programming as of 2015-16. While Teletoon at Night is still in use as a brand, it is feasible to think Teletoon Unleashed/Detour/at Night will wind down sometime in 2016, after fourteen seasons in existence under its three names.

In less depressing news, Rick and Morty finally debuts on [adult swim] Canada Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 11:30 PM ET/PT, as [as] Canada obtains the two existing seasons of the show. Rick and Morty was renewed for a third season earlier in 2015.

While no other new [adult swim] shows are mentioned as of December 21, 2015, Rick and Morty earns its own press release, the second-ever [adult swim] Canada press release Gloryosky remembers seeing in [as] Canada’s three-plus years of existence.

Gloryosky hopes [adult swim] Canada can build on the Rick and Morty acquisition. The Venture Bros.’ sixth season isn’t too far away, after all. If Canadian Rick and Morty fans think the wait for R&M’s [adult swim] Canada debut is painful, Canadian VB fans find the wait between seasons as built-in and inevitable as waste expulsion.

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