Live-Tweet | May 10-19, 2015 Catch-Up – The Flash (2014), iZombie, The Messengers

I apologize for doing a live-tweet compilation, which I know isn’t what Gloryosky readers look forward to, yet it’s upfront season in Canada, which is what I most heavily focus on around this time every year. Hopefully, Gloryosky has some great news in the next few weeks to share with its readers.

Congratulations are due DC Entertainment on Legends of Tomorrow, Lucifer and Supergirl’s 2015-16 debuts, and iZombie’s second season cracking The CW’s 2015-16 fall schedule. DC Entertainment’s television slate is clearly on a roll. While this reads like ass-kissing, almost every show on DC Entertainment’s prime time roster has a future in place.

The lone cancelled DC Entertainment show, Constantine, shops itself in an attempt to secure a second season. The CW is rumoured as a new home, which is nice if Constantine can actually crack The CW’s lineup. With Containment, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and LoT firmly in place for 2015-16, it’s a long shot at best. Then again, The Mindy Project has a Hulu-aided twenty-six-episode fourth season despite weak third-season ratings on Fox. It’s a confusing time in the television business.

As for The Messengers…it’s The Messengers. The fifth episode is better than the previous four in that I find actual plot elements of interest (read: the ABADDON computer program), and a more engaging plot. The Rainbow Hub has a better grasp of the show than most. The Messengers executive producer/showrunner Trey Callaway replied to two of Gloryosky’s Twitter posts during its “Eye in the Sky” live-tweet session. Admittedly, I’m thrilled that Callaway responds to Gloryosky’s Twitter posts as it helps Gloryosky’s notoriety, yet I still think the show has problems. In particular, there’s something baffling about two angels going on an inexplicably lucid peyote trip.

As an aside (or is it?), giving Whose Line is it Anyway? an hour on Fridays helps The CW’s ratings on that night. Whose Line is it Anyway? is one of The CW’s stranger success stories, but then, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend once existed as a busted Showtime pilot. The CW works in mysterious ways. Too bad Whose Line is it Anyway? is the best performer in The CW’s Friday night gulag.

Finally, as of May 20, 2015, I no longer list The Flash as The Flash (2014). I think the audience knows The Flash by now. 2014 Flash doesn’t have the Batman-esque theme of the 1990 Flash, but new Flash looks forward to a second season. John Wesley Shipp wins either way.

Live-tweet sessions:

The Flash (2014)
Episode 1.22 (“Rogue Air”)
Episode 1.23 (“Fast Enough”; season finale)

Episode 1.8 (“Dead Air”; WGN airing)
Episode 1.9 (“Patriot Brains”)
Episode 1.10 (“Mr. Berserk”)

The Messengers
Episode 1.5 (“Eye in the Sky”)

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