Live-Tweet | Constantine 1.13 – “Waiting for the Man”

The most notable thing I find about live-tweeting Constantine is that a couple of people who worked on the show – executive producer Daniel V. Cerone, and production designer Dave Blass – favoured tweets I made in recent live-tweet sessions. Frankly, that’s more than The Flash (2014) gives me.

Has this show been perfect? Good Lord, no. The pilot is Doctor Who with the serial numbers filed off. The second episode is a can of Franco-American Shnookums & Meat Shaped Pasta, the blackest magic there is. People are still upset over perceived queerbaiting in the show, which I agree is a valid criticism, but John Constantine was created as a ploy to get Sting from The Police in Swamp Thing. Sometimes, there isn’t a grand plan in place to break taboos, just an opportunity and a follow-through.

With that in mind, Constantine airs its thirteenth episode on NBC, “Waiting for the Man”. Whether Syfy picks up a second season is up in the air, but that’s the rumour right now. I hope the rumour is true; I won’t hold my breath. Scratch that, it’s a bullshit rumour. Here’s my Storify curation for “Waiting for the Man”.

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C. Archer
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