Live-Tweet | Strange Empire 1.10: “The Cage”

Previous Strange Empire live-tweets can be found in the Strange Empire Gloryosky tag. Despite the fact that live-tweet views suffer when they don’t appear on Gloryosky’s front page, the Storify for “The Cage” is linked by a WordPress more tag, as Marvel’s Agent Carter was last week.

Strange Empire live-tweets will end on February 2, 2015. They will be replaced by Ascension on February 9, 2015. Essentially, CBC’s 9:00 PM ET Monday show will continue to be live-tweeted. While I’m not sure Strange Empire will return for another season – it truly needs to haul ass ratings-wise in January 2015, to make up for a poor fall 2014 showing – it’s the first Canadian television live-tweet in Gloryosky’s history. I like Strange Empire enough that I’ll see the live-tweets through for the remainder of the season.

C. Archer
Le Social